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Electronics Packaging

We commonly think of static electricity as the simple “zap” that we receive after being touched by someone walking over carpet. However, these static zaps can destroy static sensitive parts resulting in huge dollar losses for electronic component and disk drive manufacturers. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) must be controlled in order to insure high quality electronic and disk drive components. These products require special packaging.

Pacur has two types of products that currently are used to protect both electronic components and disk drives. Pacur PETG DTC or Pacur APET DTC gives manufactures the confidence they need to know their components will be safe.

Pacur’s polyester products continue to offer the requirements that end-users must have such as:

  • Rigid package for impact protection (0.005” - 0.060”)
  • High clarity (suitable for scanning barcoded labels)
  • 10 exp 9 to 10 exp 11 surface resistance
  • Low solvent content
  • No chlorides or free amines
  • Low outgassing
  • Copolyester based
  • Humidity independent

Product Listing

Pacur PETG Copolyester Sheet

Pacur® PETG is extruded from copolyester resin. It is an exceptionally clear and tough material making it ideally suited for use as a blister packaging material. It is both FDA and USDA approved for use in medical device, pharmaceutical, and food packaging applications; and it will withstand ethylene oxide, electron beam, and gamma ray sterilization. Other end uses include general purpose blisters, skin packaging, graphic arts, and stationary supplies.

Pacur HT Copolyester Sheet

Pacur® HT is an amorphous copolyester that combines excellent clarity and toughness with outstanding heat and chemical resistance. This new generation copolyester can be thermoformed with a wide processing window that allows for product designs that reflect intricate detail. The HT product is suitable for use with most forms of sterilization including radiation and ethylene oxide. It is NOT suitable for autoclave/steam sterilization. 

Pacur PETG (DTC) Topically Coated

Topically Coated Pacur® PETG - DTC Copolyester is designed for use in cost effective ESD safe packaging and “one way” shipping applications. The sheet is extruded from PETG copolyester resin and coated in-house with the proprietary electrostatic dissipative treatment forming a clear, tough, chlorine/chloride free, ESD safe packaging material. Typical applications include protective packaging clamshells for electronic and telecommunication components and products that are ESD sensitive.®