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Our Vision of Sustainability

Power Factor Correction Units Install Results

kWh Reduction:
Over 20%

Green Impact:
kWh Saved: 637,283
Cars Removed: 55
Trees Planted: 1,804

At Pacur we take our responsibility to the environment seriously through a variety of programs and initiatives designed to help us and our customers meet our mutual environmental goals. We operate under the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle in all aspects of our processes.

In our manufacturing process, we strive to use minimal raw materials and to minimize waste, production process steps, and energy consumption. The nature of the products we produce enable us to reuse nearly 100% of the waste generated, thus, reducing our impact on landfills to less than 0.5% of our output. Finally, we work with our customers to offer solutions that use less material and still meet their needs as well as recycling programs that allow waste generated by their processes to be recovered and made into other value added products.

Eco-Friendly Products

Environmentally Friendly Products

Sustainability is integrated into every area of our business for the benefit of our customers, employees and the environment.