Medical Device Trays and the Supply Chain

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Medical device manufacturers can benefit from a material packaging development courtesy of the cooperative efforts of the resin producer, extruder and thermoformer.

The typical supply chain follows a path from a medical device manufacturer (MDM) to a distributor to a hospital or medical facility and ultimately to the patient. But in this instance, let’s take a ride along the value chain that begins with a resin supplier that provides pellets to an extruder, which provides sheet made from that resin to a thermoformer, which then sells trays and rigid medical device packaging from that sheet to MDMs.

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Pacur introduces PETG Foam for rigid medical packaging

Pacur® is pleased to announce a new product, PETG FOAM, for the medical device packaging market. Pacur® PETG FOAM is co-extruded with Eastar™ PETG copolyester 6763 and Eastalite™ copolyester foam system from Eastman Chemical Company. For the medical device industry, PETG FOAM offers advantages over traditional materials where low weight and sustainability are larger parts of an application’s fitness for use requirements. PETG FOAM is a reliable, safe alternative to high impact polystyrene (HIPS) in the opaque rigid medical packaging market. PETG FOAM also shows considerable manufacturing improvements over HIPS in terms of processing, waste reduction, and reduced cleaning; all resulting in lower overall processing costs.

The extruded product contains an Eastalite™ copolyester foam core with skins of Eastar™ copolyester 6763. This gives the Medical Thermoformers and OEMs the same processing properties and seal integrity of monolayer Eastar™ PETG copolyester 6763.

The opaque PETG FOAM can be processed with the same thermoforming and sealing equipment as HIPS, yet it provides cleaner cutting and offers greater opportunities for safety and sustainability.

Sterilization methods of ETO, Gamma Ray, Electron Beam, and Plasma Gas are compatible with this product.

In addition, PETG FOAM passed selected ISO 10993 biocompatibility tests and is compliant with applicable sections of ISO 11607. This product also carries the resin identification code number  1  , along with being FDA approved and BPA free.

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