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Pacur PETG (DTC) Topically Coated

Topically Coated Pacur® PETG - DTC Copolyester is designed for use in cost effective ESD safe packaging and “one way” shipping applications. The sheet is extruded from PETG copolyester resin and coated in-house with the proprietary electrostatic dissipative treatment forming a clear, tough, chlorine/chloride free, ESD safe packaging material. Typical applications include protective packaging clamshells for electronic and telecommunication components and products that are ESD sensitive.


  • 109 - 1011 Ohm Surface Resistivity

  • Humidity Independent

  • Exceptionally Clear

  • Great Chemical Resistance

  • Improved Notch and Puncture Resistance

  • BPA and Chlorine Free

  • Easily Recyclable

  • Exceptional Toughness

  • Great Impact Resistance

  • ISO 10993 Compliant

  • Easy Thermoforming, Cutting, Trimming, and Printing


  • Controlled Elimination of Static Charges

  • Works In Low Humidity

  • Near Optical Clarity

  • Low Outgassing

  • No Corrosion

  • No Chloride Contamination

  • Reduced Packaging Costs

  • No Stress Whitening

  • No Pre-Treatment for Printing

  • Fast Cycle Times

  • Minimal Trim Dust

  • Less Breakage

Sterilization Methods

  • Not Applicable

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