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Pacur RPETG Copolyester Sheet

Pacur® RPETG Sheet is extruded from a mixture of Pacur’s internally-generated Clear PETG recyclable material and regrind (scrap) material obtained from outside sources. Material obtained from the outside sources has wide variations of quality level. This material is intended for use in “utility” non-FDA applications.


  • Exceptionally Clear

  • Great Chemical Resistance

  • BPA and Chlorine Free

  • Easily Recyclable

  • Very Tough Material

  • Good Impact Resistance

  • Notch and Puncture Resistance

  • Easy Thermoforming, Cutting, Trimming, and Printing


  • Good Optical Clarity

  • Reduced Packaging Costs

  • No Stress Whitening

  • No Pre-Treatment for Printing

  • Fast Cycle Times

  • Minimal Trim Dust

  • Less Breakage

Sterilization Methods

  • Not Applicable

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