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Pacur® PETG FLEX is engineered for use in 0.003" to 0.009" gauge applications and is extruded from PETG copolyester resin.  PETG FLEX is an exceptionally tough material making it ideal for label and thermoforming applications. PETG FLEX has both FDA and USDA approvals for medical device, pharmaceutical, and food packaging applications. PETG FLEX can also withstand ethylene oxide, gamma, electron beam, and gas plasma sterilization.  Other end uses include general purpose blister packages, graphic applications, and stationary supplies.


  • Easy Recyclable

  • Remarkable Toughness

  • Improved Notch and Puncture Resistance

  • BPA and Chlorine Free

  • Exceptionally Clear When Formed

  • Great Chemical Resistance

  • Superb Impact Resistance

  • ISO 10993 Compliant

  • Low Internal Stress and Shrinkage

  • Easy Thermoforming, Cutting, Trimming, and Printing


  • Reduced Packaging Cost

  • No Street Whitening

  • No Pre-Treatment for Printing

  • Fast Cycle Times

  • Minimal Trim Dust

  • Good Dimensional Stability

Sterilization Methods

  • Ethylene Oxide

  • Gamma

  • Electron Beam

  • Gas Plasma

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