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LENSTAR® Plus Graphic Gloss

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Pacur®, the leader in polyester sheet, is proud to announce the release of LENSTAR® Plus Graphic Gloss, a new material for use in print and packaging applications that is easy on the environment. Utilizing easily recyclable materials and new technologies, printers can realize greater efficiency, lower production costs, reduced waste, and lower full-cycle carbon emissions.


Crystal Clear

The exceptional clarity of LENSTAR® Plus Graphic Gloss allows for printed graphics to shine. Now your product packaging or POP display can reflect the quality of your product without adding substantial costs.

Super Stable

LENSTAR® Plus Graphic Gloss behaves very well under typical print conditions, resulting in less waste coming out of your press. Check with your press manufacturer or our Graphics Product Manager for helpful assistance which will help you save time and further reduce waste.

Budget and Earth Friendly

Lower resin prices and sustainable materials result in LENSTAR® Plus Graphic Gloss having a lower cost per print run and a much smaller carbon footprint relative to other materials.


Reduced Production Time

LENSTAR® Plus Graphic Gloss will save you time and headaches on the way to finished print products. It is produced as a print ready product requiring no tipping or masking.

Reduced Waste

LENSTAR® Plus Graphic Gloss sports a #1 Resin Identification Code, which promotes sustainability efforts and reduces net carbon emissions. Alternatively, a biodegradable option helps reduce landfill waste.

Sterilization Methods

  • Not Applicable

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