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Pacur APET Polyester Sheet

Pacur® APET is extruded from polymer resin. It is an exceptionally clear FDA approved material for use in food. In comparison to the copolyesters, it offers a better oxygen permeability barrier for packaging of oxygen-sensitive products. It offers excellent resistance to many chemicals and solvents and it also an electrical insulator.


  • Exceptionally Clear
  • Chemical Resistant
  • BPA and Chlorine Free
  • Highly Recyclable (Resin ID Code #1)
  • Exceptional Toughness
  • Great Impact Resistance
  • Good Thermoforming, Cutting, Trimming, and Printing


  • Near Optical Clarity
  • Reduced Packaging Cost
  • No Stress Whitening
  • No Pre-Treatment for Printing
  • Fast Cycle Times
  • Minimal Trim Dust
  • Less Breakage
  • Scrap Can Be Recycled

Sterilization Methods

  • None applicable

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