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Pacur LENSTAR® Plus

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Custom sheet extruder Pacur® has released LENSTAR® Plus, a new and improved polyester resin developed specifically for today’s lenticular print market. LENSTAR Plus represents a polymer technology the printers can use to achieve their sustainable goals. LENSTAR Plus carries the #1 resin identification code, which can be used to drive sustainable practices.


  • Exceptionally Clear

  • Chemical Resistant

  • BPA and Chlorine Free

  • Easily Recyclable (Resin ID Code #1)

  • Exceptional Toughness

  • Great Impact Resistance

  • Excellent Ink Adhesion


  • Near Optical Clarity

  • No Pre-Treatment for Printing

  • Die Cutting Ease

  • Fast Cycle Times

  • Minimal Trim Dust

  • Less Cracking

  • Stable Through Press

  • Scrap Can Be Recycled

Sterilization Methods

  • Not Applicable

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