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Our Mission

To achieve profitable growth by committing ourselves to providing high quality custom extruded and converted products, with excellent service to our customers.

We will pursue our mission by dedicating ourselves to the following quality principles:

  • We recognize the primary importance of our customers, and our need to listen and respond to current and future needs. We will be receptive to the views and ideas of others.
  • We desire that our relationships between our Customers, Suppliers, and Colleagues be mutually beneficial and based on trust and mutual respect. We will be open and honest in all communications.
  • We are committed to achieving continuous improvement of our products, processes and quality management system through innovation and dedication to our duties. We will pursue excellence and efficiency in all that we do.
  • We believe our employees are the key ingredient to our success. We will strive to develop and train people dedicated to working as a team and to provide this team with the appropriate leadership and resources to accomplish our goals.
  • We will be responsible stewards of the environment in which we live and operate.
  • We will maintain our individual and collective integrity.
Pacur Quality

Pacur Quality

We will continuously improve the control over our processes to ensure that the quality, delivery, and service requirements of our customers are met and/or exceeded. We will accomplish this by applying the concepts described as our Quality Principles.