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A new plastic material for use with print and packaging applications that is easy on nature.

Crystal Clear

Initially available in both gloss and lenticular sheet, the clarity of this earth friendly plastic will knock your socks off. Have your next print piece turn more heads with the clarity of ecolens™.

Super Stable

No need to worry about print performance. ecolens™ behaves very well under print conditions, resulting in less waste coming out of your press. Available proofing and color registration materials (laminated adhesive proofing sheets and opaque white proofing sheets) help you reduce waste further.

Budget Friendly

Ecolens™ outperforms other traditional print and packaging plastics on many fronts, including cost. Usage of a revolutionary thinner lenticular technology called LentiClear and lower resin costs result in lower costs for your print run.

Shrink Your Footprint

Reduce Material Usage

Leveraging LentiClear lenticular lens technology, ecolens™ allows for thinner sheet, and thus less material. ecolens™ will initially be offered as a 75lpi/0.016", which is 0.002" thinner than typical lenticular lens.

Reduce Downstream Waste

With both a #1 Resin Identification Code and a biodegradable option, ecolens™ reduces landfill waste and your carbon footprint.

Reduce Production Time

With both excellent printing characteristics, and available proofing and color registration materials, ecolens™ will save you time and headaches on the way to finished print products.

What Waste?

Thanks to the nature of ecolens™ and other plastic polymers that Pacur produces, we are able to reuse nearly 100% of waste generated during our manufacturing process, thus, reducing our impact on landfills to less than 0.5% of total output.

This is a major part of the whole cycle perspective Pacur brings in reducing waste of both materials and energy in it's manufacturing processes. The efforts made in reducing waste result in high quality earth friendly products for Pacur's customers.

Easily Recyclable

Carrying a #1 Resin Identification Code, ecolens™ can be placed into any recycling bin. Finished printed materials have the potential of creating zero landfill waste.