Sustainable Packaging

Because of the need expressed by our customers to recycle their trim into a “recyclable” or utility sheet, Pacur offers various engineered products. The demand for this type of offering comes from environmental and economic pressure. Pacur offers two recyclable PETG products.

RPETG clear when available is extruded from a mixture of Pacur’s internally generated clear recyclable material and regrind material obtained from our customers. This material is meant for use in utility and Non-FDA applications.

RPETG-SB is extruded from material that has been generated from Pacur’s in-house, recyclable scrap. The material s generated from virgin PETG for various markets. The material is also meant for use in utility and Non-FDA applications.

Other custom engineered products are available by working with our customers on an individual basis.


Ecolens® Graphic Gloss

Crystal Clear
The exceptional clarity of Ecolens Graphic Gloss allows for printed graphics to shine. Now your product packaging or POP display can reflect the quality of your product without adding substantial costs.

Super Stable
Ecolens Graphic Gloss behaves very well under typical print conditions, resulting in less waste coming out of your press. Check with your press manufacturer or our Graphics Product Manager for helpful assistance which will help you save time and further reduce waste.

Budget and Earth Friendly
Lower resin prices and sustainable materials result in Ecolens Graphic Gloss having a lower cost per print run and a much smaller carbon footprint relative to other materials.

Ecolens® Lenticular

  • Crystal Clear
  • Super Stable
  • Easily Recyclable

Pacur RPETG Copolyester Sheet

  • Exceptionally Clear
  • Great Chemical Resistance
  • BPA and Chlorine Free
  • Easily Recyclable
  • Very Tough Material
  • Good Impact Resistance
  • Notch and Puncture Resistance
  • Easy Thermoforming, Cutting, Trimming, and Printing