Medical Packaging

Pacur has been a major supplier of rigid polyester and polypropylene to the OEM medical device and custom thermoforming market for over twenty years. The Pacur product line for medical device packaging includes the FDA approved PETG, and a variety of polypropylenes both homopolymer and copolymer. When the packaging application calls for a tray or clamshell design, our packaging experts can assist you in selecting the correct material. By doing so, we can help to ensure maximum protection and integrity of your medical device package. As one of the first custom sheet extruders in the world to obtain ISO 9001 certification, major medical customers look to Pacur as their premier FDA rollstock supplier.

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Food Packaging

For many years Pacur has been a major supplier of rigid rollstock to the food packaging market. By selling A-150, PETG, APET and various polypropylenes to major converters and OEM food processors, Pacur has become key in their success. The larger food markets served are the luncheon meat, cheese, deli, bakery and fast food markets. Many custom structures are available by working with our engineers to meet your needs.

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Pacur has been known in the plastic industry as the polyester specialists in both roll stock and cut-to-size sheet for the Print Market world-wide. Specialization in polyester allows concentration of time, effort and technical support to produce a high quality product with optimum manufacturing efficiency. Current products available are standard and custom Lenticular lens designs, various matte surfaces, custom blended products, and custom colors.

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Lenticular Print

Pacur has been involved in lenticular lens and plastic sheet resin since 1992. Both sheet and rollstock is extruded using our proprietary copolyester resin. Pacur offers eight lpi lenticular lens designs to this growing worldwide market. Each lenticular lens has its own characteristics designed for specific applications.

100 lpi 3D- This “newly” designed 3D lenticular lens was requested by our customer base. Designed for optimum depth, the 100 lpi lenticular lens has a viewing angle of 30 degrees and is .0215” thick. This new offering has been endorsed by numerous lenticular printers as the finest 3D lens in the marketplace.

In addition to the above Pacur standard lenticular lens designs, Pacur will custom design a proprietary lens that meets your specific needs. All lenticular plastic sheets can be direct printed or laminated using conventional techniques. Because of the state of the art extrusion equipment in place, Pacur lenticular plastic sheet has allowed its customers to have great success in the printing process.

Lenticular Terms

  • Lenticular - An array or lenses or lenticules
  • Lenticule - A single lens

  • Pitch - The number of lenses or lenses per inch (LPI)
  • Focal Length - The thickness of the extruded sheet
  • Viewing Angle - The angle of view of the lens

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Sustainable Packaging

Because of the need expressed by our customers to recycle their trim into a “recyclable” or utility sheet, Pacur offers various engineered products. The demand for this type of offering comes from environmental and economic pressure. Pacur offers two recyclable PETG products.

RPETG clear when available is extruded from a mixture of Pacur’s internally generated clear recyclable material and regrind material obtained from our customers. This material is meant for use in utility and Non-FDA applications.

RPETG-SB is extruded from material that has been generated from Pacur’s in-house, recyclable scrap. The material s generated from virgin PETG for various markets. The material is also meant for use in utility and Non-FDA applications.

Other custom engineered products are available by working with our customers on an individual basis.

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Electronics Packaging

We commonly think of static electricity as the simple “zap” that we receive after being touched by someone walking over carpet. However, these static zaps can destroy static sensitive parts resulting in huge dollar losses for electronic component and disk drive manufacturers. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) must be controlled in order to insure high quality electronic and disk drive components. These products require special packaging.

Pacur has two types of products that currently are used to protect both electronic components and disk drives. Pacur PETG DTC or Pacur APET DTC gives manufactures the confidence they need to know their components will be safe. Pacur’s polyester products continue to offer the requirements that end-users must have such as:

  • Rigid package for impact protection (0.005” - 0.060”)
  • High clarity (suitable for scanning barcoded labels)
  • 10 exp 9 to 10 exp 11 surface resistance
  • Low solvent content
  • No chlorides or free amines
  • Low outgassing
  • Copolyester based
  • Humidity independent

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